I love to eat, cook, talk about food, look forward to food, think about food, plan it, dream about it, hear about it. I’m at my happiest when I’m eating and that’s no exaggeration. I’m no foodie though, what is a foodie anyway? The word conjures up an image of some yummy mummy type who thinks that somewhere like Whole Foods is too mainstream a supermarket for her. No, I’m a pretty thrifty shopper because I have wedding to save for. I’m not particular at all, a fish finger sandwich makes me go weak at the knees as much as a slow roast rib of beef. Well perhaps not AS weak at the knees, but the point I’m trying to make is that I’m no foodie. In fact, the word makes me cringe so that’s the last time I’ll write it. I’m just normal, I work a pretty demanding job so my evening time is precious. My cooking’s not bad, not great but not bad. There are no kids to feed, just me and a fiancée who has just today decided to try a gluten free diet which should be interesting given he’s a bread/pasta/beer monster.

I just love eating…well…most things. So I’m going to start blogging about it. What I’m eating, buying, making. Perhaps I’ll become a better cook, more imaginative maybe. Perhaps I’ll bore myself writing about my quick and boring after work dinners. I say I love food, but lets face it, I work full time and if I’m honest, I probably eat beans on toast or pasta and pesto more than I care to admit/blog about. When I do cook though, I do an OK job, sometimes amazing,  but mostly OK  So as my blog evolves, perhaps I’ll progress to cooking really well. Who knows?